SARS CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody CPASS

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cPass allows for the rapid detection of total neutralizing antibodies (NAbs)  in a sample. Neutralizing antibodies are antibodies that bind to the virus and block the interaction with the individual’s immune system.

How does it work:  It works by mimicking the interaction between the virus and the host cell. In order  for a virus to infect a host cell, a viral receptor binding protein (RBD) first needs to interact with the host cell’s membrane receptor protein (ACE2). The virus-host interaction and subsequent viral infection of the host cell leads to the activation of the individual’s immune response which generates a population of antibodies against the virus. Some of these antibodies bind to the virus but not necessarily block the viral infection. Other antibodies can bind to the RBD in a way that blocks the interaction with the ACE2 receptor. 

Turnaround time of results: 4 DAYS
Test Procedure: Blood sample is drawn from the vein in the arm. Sample is collected and taken to the laboratory for examination. Sample is then processed using a machine to check for antibodies.
Timing: The CPASS test is best performed 4 weeks after COVID-19 infection or post-vaccination.


SARS CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody CPASS



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