We elevate the patient care experience for every Juan

We elevate the patient care experience
for every Juan


Juan Medical’s mission is to tailor-fit medical solutions in the comfort of every Juan’s home with the help of dependable licensed medical professionals. Our goal is to offer on-call, premium quality medical care that exceeds client expectations and is provided in a nurturing, convenient, and accessible way.


To be the preferred premium on-call and home-based medical provider

To be a pioneer in new technologies implementation in healthcare

To be an institution where licensed nurses, med-techs and all medical personnel are well-compensated and taken care of.

To be a front runner in new medical solutions through the team of young professionals.

Who We Are

We started as OneSwab in December 2020, a brand offering home service 15-minute antigen swab tests. As the number of positive cases rise, this initiative was created to provide peace of mind at the fastest possible time. In February 2021, OneSwab expanded its COVID test offerings to antigen swab tests, antigen saliva tests, and RT-PCR Swab tests to further address the pressing need at the moment: safe and accurate testing.

As the pandemic posed a bigger threat to the safety of Filipinos in May 2021, OneSwab rebranded to Juan Medical Servicio OPC. Juan Medical became an all-around home service health care provider that offers services beyond COVID-19. We tapped into home service blood tests, vaccinations, teleconsultations, and customized care kits - as if you have a hospital in your own home. Our network of licensed medical professionals, DOH accredited diagnostic laboratories, and young professionals ensure that clients get premium quality healthcare.

We are also working with doctors and other healthcare partners to further the medical advancements in home care.

The Juan Medical Team

Niccolo Pizzocheri

[email protected]

Jasmine Elizabeth

[email protected]

Rio Dela Peña
Operations Associate

[email protected]

Tanya Cabias-Liscano, M.D.
Resident Doctor (General Physician)

[email protected]

Margaret Rose Santos
In-House Pharmacist and Business Development Consultant​

[email protected]

Russel Queri
Registered Medical Technologist

[email protected]

Our On-call Specialists

Jaen Pauline G. Pastor, DMD


Val Constantine S. Cua, MD, DPDS


Marc Denver Tiongson, MD, FPCP, FPCC

Internal Medicine - Cardiology

Maria Carla De Guzman - Gatbonon, MD, FPSD, FPAMS, FPSMSI

Internal Medicine - Diabetology

Julie Anne Gabat-Tan, MD, FPCP

Internal Medicine - Endocrinology

Mariel Dianne S. Velasco, MD, FPCP

Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology

Anna Lyn T. Juego-Magbuhos, MD

Obstetrics - Gynecology

Gabrielle Angela G. Mercado, MD

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Steve Mario M. Cambe, MD

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Ruben P. Macapinlac, MD, DPPS


Isabella E. Supnet, MD, APARM

Rehabilitation Medicine

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