Detoxifying Glutathione Drip

About This Service

Please note to book your appointment 2-3 days in advance from your preferred IV drip session date as we are tailoring the formula of the drip for you before administration. This is to ensure a safe and relaxing process.

About the drip
IV Glutathione is an effective detoxifier and aid for cell repair and in preventing chemotherapy toxicity. It is considered a safe treatment, as there are no known side effects or interactions with other drugs. IV glutathione is often used in conjunction with and often enhances other treatments. This is used to detoxify the body and boost the immune system.

Increases energy levels Detoxifies the liver and the cells Increases focus and concentration Improves immune system Neutralizes free radicals in the body and reduces oxidative stress

When should I take it?
Treatment may be done upto 3 times a week for adults who do not have any hypersensitivity to glutathione or similar products.

Precautions and side effects
Watch out for possible side effects such as skin reactions and severe abdominal pain. If the symptoms persist, please consult your doctor immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts before the procedure
Avoid coffee or alcoholic drinks 24 hours before and after each session. For patients with known comorbidities, medical clearance is needed before each session. Patients with recent vaccinations should have their IV drip session after 1-2 weeks from vaccination date. This is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.


1 pax - P Php 3,599

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NCR - P 750

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