Doctor Home Visits

About This Service
A licensed doctor will visit your residence or place of preference to attend to your medical needs. The duration of the appointment is up to the doctor’s discretion upon seeing the patient.
The rates are inclusive of service fees and basic face-to-face consultation and assessment, and are exclusive of additional procedures to be requested during the appointment. Additional fees might apply depending on the case of the patient. The case will be reviewed by the doctor upon submission of the form below.
General Physician (Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu-lapu City) - Starts at ₱ 3,999
General Physician (Metro Manila) - Starts at ₱ 4,999
Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) (Metro Manila only) - Starts at ₱ 4,999
Family Medicine (Metro Manila ) - Starts at ₱ 4,999
Family Medicine (Pampanga) - Starts at ₱ 4,999
Endocrinologist (Metro Manila) - Starts at ₱ 5,999
Endocrinologist (Batangas) - Starts at ₱ 8,999
Pediatrician (Metro Manila only) - Starts at ₱ 3,999
Surger (House Call Consult in Metro Manila Only) - Starts at ₱ 2,999
Surgery (Consultation and Procedures) - Starts at ₱ 8,999
  Procedures Include:
  - Circumsion
  - Excision
  - Incision and Drainage
  - Cauterization of Warts
Specialists for House Call

Our doctors are only available for house calls in specific areas. Please accomplish the form below and kindly wait for the team to get back to you on the availability of the doctor via email within 2-8 hours regarding your request.

Is the patient ambulatory or bedridden?*
Preferred Time