Varicella Roster (Shingles)

About This Service

This is a live attenuated virus vaccine indicated for prevention of herpes zoster (shingles) in individuals 50 years of age and older. This is for prevention of shingles among the elderly. Who can use this: People 60 years of age or older should get shingles vaccine (Zostavax). They should get the vaccine whether or not they recall having had chickenpox, which is caused by the same virus as shingles. Who CANNOT use this:


- Do not administer to individuals with a history of anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reaction to gelatin, neomycin or any other component of the vaccine. Neomycin allergy manifested as contact dermatitis is not a contraindication to receiving this vaccine. Immunosuppression - Do not administer to individuals who are immunodeficient or immunosuppressed due to disease or therapy, as serious or fatal disseminated vaccine strain varicella-zoster virus disease may occur. Causes of immunodeficiency or immunosuppression may include, but are not limited to, primary or acquired immunodeficiency states, AIDS or other clinical manifestations of infection with human immunodeficiency viruses, leukemia, lymphoma or other malignant neoplasms affecting the bone marrow or lymphatic system, and immunosuppressive therapy. Pregnancy - Do not administer to pregnant women. Naturally occurring varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection is known to sometimes cause fetal harm. Pregnancy should be avoided for 3 months following administration of ZOSTAVAX.


1 pax - P 7,699

2-5 pax - P 7,499/pax

6-10 pax - P 7,199/pax

Service Fee

NCR - P 1,399

Cavite, Rizal, & Bulacan - P 1,799

Laguna - P 1,999

Batangas - P 2,999

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