Outpatient Services

About This Service

Outpatient Services with Juan Medical

Patients who will avail this service must have a prescription and an order from their doctor. 


  1. The licensed nurse will arrive at the test location with the needed materials.
  2. The licensed nurse will check the physician’s order, the consent form, and the identification card (ID) of the patient before proceeding to explain the procedure to be done.
  3. After performing hand hygiene and infection control measures, the licensed nurse will perform the procedure.

(30 minutes)

About the service: Peripheral intravenous (IV) cannulation is the insertion of an indwelling single-lumen plastic conduit across the skin into a peripheral vein. These allow fluids, and medications to be introduced directly into the bloodstream, bypassing other barriers to absorption and reaching most target organs very quickly.

Usually for: Bedridden patients, IV Drip patients who have their own medications at home, and/or fitness-inclined patients with medications at home

(30 minutes)

About this service: Nasogastric Tube Insertion is the introduction of a thin plastic tube through the patient’s nostril, down the esophagus and finally into the stomach. Once this tube is in place, this tube is used to administer food and medicine and may also be used to remove stomach contents.

Usually for: Bedridden patients, patients to be prepared for a surgery, patients who are mechanically ventilated, neuromuscular impaired patients, patients who are unable to maintain adequate oral intake to meet metabolic and/or nutritional demands

(30 minutes)

About this service: Indwelling Foley Catheter Insertion is the introduction of a soft, plastic or rubber tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain the urine.

Usually for: Bedridden patients, male patients with prostate pathologies

(~15 minutes, depending on medications)

About this service: Administration of medications may be done orally, and for some medications, needed to be administered subcutaneously (injections administered into the fat layer just below the skin), intravenously and/or intramuscularly. This service is for patients who need assistance in administering medications whether it is subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenously administered.

Usually for: Bedridden patients


IV Insertion

NGT Insertion

IFC Insertion

Medicine Administration

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