Diagnostic Xray
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Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging requests we can cater:

X-Ray: Chest, Pelvis, Knee, Femur, Hand, Wrist, Shoulder, Foot, Ankle, Elbow

Ultrasound: Whole Abdomen, Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Hepatobillary Tree (HBT), Kidneys, Ureters and Urinary Bladder (KUB), Breast , Thyroid, Neck

Echocardiography: 2D-Echocardiography (2-D Echo), 2D-Echocardiography with Doppler Studies (2-D Echo with DS),

Electrocardiography: 12-Lead, Electrocardiogram (12-L ECG)

Would you prefer a mobile or portable machine? (For X-ray requests only)
Maximum upload size: 10MB

*For other requests, please send an email to bookings@juanmedical.ph to inquire. Please note that the results will be sent via email.